My name is Olga Radziwill. I live in Latvia on the banks of Rigas Gulf. I got intrested in British Shorthair Cats on April 2007. I was lucky because my cousin Irina Dementyeva - is a professional breeder in her cattery . She offered me a female cat Black Silver Shaded color - Silver Pallada no Demetra - very rare and beatiful color. Elegant little cat with emerald eyes and chinchilla like fur. Her friendly and subtle nature has won my heart. Later on I got intrested in rare colors as well as; Black Golden and Silver Shaded, Golden Tortie Shaded, Black and Blue Golden Ticked Tabby, Silver and Golden Point.

This breed first appeared in 19th century in United Kingdom. Their Pedigree was formed in 1898. But the middle of 20th century amount of British Shorthair has plummeted. This breed has almost disappeared. After World War II breeders started working hard on improving this situation and involving Russian Blue, Chartreux but what`s most important Persian Cats. In order to get more exiting colors British Shorthair cats were bred with eastern breeds on 1990-s.

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