CH Ivory Moon Sissi,CZ
ay 11


DOB: 11.06.2013


Our cat Ivory was brough over from czech cattery , owner - Andrea Pluhačkova. He`s got a rare colour -Blue Golden Shaded.He's big and got wonderful short hair with dense undercoat, calm, loving carachter.  Thanks a lot to Andrea for a great cat!


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Nonchalant bleu d`Oaxaca,D
BRI ay 11
blue golden shaded

Marty vom Azaleengrund
EXO ny 12

Ch. Anthony von Mūncheberg
EXO ny 12

Klippeneck Hugo
EXO ny 12

Blue Malibou von  Mūncheberg       PER ay11

Ch.Feelings  Eternity
PER ny 11

Ch.Endy v. Mūncheberg              PER ns11

Little Emely vom Azaleengrund           Per ns11


IC Gold Amidala d`Oaxaca
BRI ny 11

IC Volcano Rubio d`Oaxaca
BRI ny 11

Ch. Gucci of Emmeli`s Edition                   BRI ny11

Ch. Gold Rubinia d`Oaxaca            BRI ny 11


Ch.Silverblue Uscia d`Oaxaca
BRI as 11

IC.Bluegold Nougat d`Oaxaca   BRI ay 11

Silver Wynona d`Oaxaca           BRI  ns 11


Clementine von den Saalbergen
 ny 11
black golden shaded

GICH Amadeus Felis Pretiosus

BRI ny 11

Ceur Andre zur Sternenbucht
BRI ny 11

NL*Goldfever`s Golden Mikka
BRI ny 11

Golden Willow vom Wahrberg         BRI ny 11

Silver Arabesque d`Oaxaca
BRI ns11

IC Volcano Rubio d`Oaxaca
BRI ny 11

Ch.Silverblue Uscia d`Oaxaca
BRI as 11

Sundust`s Silver Lily 

BRI ns 12

Golden Macavity zur Sternenbucht   

 BRI ny 12

    Ch. Sundust`s Magic Alphonso       BRI as 12

  Golden Willow vom Wahrberg       

  BRI ny 11


CH Paquita vum Rousegaard

    BRI ns 11

  ECH  Silver  Kiparis no Demetra      BRI ns 11

GICH  Nobilie vum Rousegaard   BRI ns 11

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